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tell me the truth. I want to know what u think. If i were a girl who just ran around with a whole bunch of guys who liked me but never did anything sexual.

Just hung out with them and they just happend to like me and i just happend to like beingwith them. and then one of them kisses u and now what?.. and is still talking to the other girls.. errr.. i mean guys

wut would u call the girl, would that be wrong.. i mean if she didnt like teh guys in more of an emotional way.. more like a hey your there,.. your a great friend type way.. and the guys know that she likes them like that way only .. but man that girl.. i mean guy

tried to kiss the girl. so what does she do then?.. what would u consider her.. i mean if i would see her doin that and runnin aroud with other guys.. i mean .. whoa.. i see that as wrong..

just tell me what u think.. what if its not her fault.. maybe shes confused?.. err i dont know u tellme

oh she has talked to alot of guys, and held their hands and kissed just one of them.. thats it .. just one..

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